"Always Lovely Lawn Care!"
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Merritt Island

"Expect more from your
Lawn Care Company!"
William Dickgraber Jr.

We have been proudly serving
Central Brevard County, Fl in the lawn care and landscape
maintenance service industry since 1984. We specialize in
meticulous care for discerning homeowners, estates and high
end commercial and business properties.  We are a customer
oriented company, not the rush in rush out service offered by
most lawn care and landscape maintenance companies in this

.  Yes, there is a difference in lawn care services
and landscape maintenance service companies!!

Many are inexperienced or have no knowledge of what
they are doing.  If you don't think so, then just hire the neighbor  
boy!!  If not, then you basically know there must be a difference.  
Knowledge of cutting patterns, mower height, crisp edges are
just the basics.  Lawn care service is much more advanced
than many realize.  How often to water?  How much to water?  
How often between cuttings?  Are insects present?  Does the
lawn need fertilizer, pesticide, lime, iron, magnesium, salt, weed
prevention, pre-emergent?  The list goes on and on.  In order
for you to have the healthiest, thickest, and greenest lawn
possible, your lawn service company needs to be
knowledgeable and keep you informed on your lawns needs.  
Grass needs much more than just water in Florida!!!

If you are tired of constantly rehiring and constantly
searching for a reputable lawn care and landscape
maintenance service company then give us a call for a
free lawn care estimate.  We will be the last company you'll
ever need.  We are here to stay and strive to please!

Feel free to browse our pages and
read reviews by existing
tips for the month and gardening and lawn care
articles by the top professionals in the industry.

Our success is based on the quality of our service,  
therefore we
never require a contract from residential
accounts.  Our quality and service keeps are customers
with us, not a piece of paper!!  

A handshake is still respected here!!


And we are truly looking forward to serving you!

William R. Dickgraber Jr.
(321) 698-8939
Are  you ready
to have lawn service
from a "true" lawn
care professional?
Then call
for a free estimate.
Serving Central Brevard
County, Florida since 1984.

Merritt Island
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A beautiful flower garden in Rockledge, Florida
Another manicured garden by Always Lovely Lawn Care Merritt Island, Florida
Proudly serving Central Brevard County, Florida, Merritt Island, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Cape Canaveral, Port St. John, Viera
" When it comes to meticulous care, we stand alone!"
A manicured lawn and lanscape in Citrus Groves, Merritt Island, Florida
My lawn and landscape is "Always Lovely"!
And your lawn should be "Always Lovely" also.
Always Lovely Lawn Care,Merritt Island, Florida
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Merritt Island

      "Expect only the best from your
      Lawn Care & Landscape
        Maintenance Company!"
         William Dickgraber Jr.
William Dickgraber Jr.
Have the beautiful lawn and
landscape you have always
dreamed of.  Let us show
you how you can be the
envy of the neighborhood!
Serving Merritt Island, Cocoa, Rockledge, Viera, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and Port St. John, Florida
Proud business partner with
Lawn care and landscape maintenance by Always Lovely Lawn Care.