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Monthly Tips & Advice

The advice in this column applies to St.
Augustine lawns.

We are now in the fall!

The temperature has begun to drop.
Not much, but to the well tuned individual and plant life, the
difference is very noticeable.  Plant  growth has slowed slightly and
your lawn needs to be treated with kid gloves going into the winter.

No longer trim your azaleas or spring blooming bushes.  They start
to form their blooms now for the spring and you will inadvertently
trim them off.  Also only trim plants as needed for appearance
purposes.  No hard pruning please.

Be careful trimming your palms.  Don't have the ball too closely
trimmed, this can cause the cold to enter the heart of the palm and
damage the tree during cold spells.

Cut the lawn tall to protect the turf and keep the thatch in place to
weather any freeze we may have.  Scalping at this time of year can
be detrimental if we get a hard freeze during the winter.  Be on the
careful side of the weather.  Here in Florida cold can catch us by

We can now start cutting back the watering of the landscape to once
a week.  Still ensure your lawn turf gets apprx. 1/2" of water a week
in one watering, not 2 (1/4")

September is the month to apply a pre-emergent to the turf and
landscaped beds to prevent winter weed growth during the winter.
Remember the best weed prevention is to prevent seed germination.

Proper use of pre-emergents will prevent weeds from
germinating in the lawn areas and there will no be a nedd
for weed and feed fertilizers!!  

Do not apply pre-emergent to Bahia, Bermuda, or Zoysia lawns.  
These lawns require seeds to germinate and have new growth every
year for a healthy lawn.

August - September is also the time to fertilize spring blooming
bushes, spring bearing fruit trees and vines, and citrus trees.

As always, I am taking the steps needed on my
customers lawns to ensure the lawns enter the winter months the
healthiest  they can.  I am mowing only when necessary and am
mowing at a very tall setting.  The less stress I can put your lawn
under,  the healthier your lawn will be.
A manicured lawn and landscape in the Savannahs, Merritt Island, Florida
A meticulously manicured lawn and landscaped property we
maintain in The Savannah's Development,  Merritt Island, Florida
(Create a landscaped bed.)
(Water is a big issue
in Central Florida lawn care)
( Fall St. Augustine lawn care,
use of pre-emergents.)