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January, 2012
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Augustine lawns.

We are in winter!!!!!!

Beware, we are still in winter and cold can still hit us hard.
I don't believe we will see the temperatures we saw over the last 2
years, however I try not to second guess mother nature.  It is still not
spring and we never know what might come our way.   We still have
6-8 weeks of winter left.

I am seeing a lot of people setting out large piles of trimmings at
the curb and this is why I'm writing this advice this month.  Please
don't let the warm weather fool you into doing a spring trim, it is still
too early to take that chance.  Please wait till March to start any hard
spring pruning.

At this time only trim to maintain your landscape.  Some plants that
get pruned back this time of year are Crepe Myrtle and Citrus.  Crepe
Myrtle gets pruned back to the second forks.  All citrus needs to be
harvested to encourage spring blossoming.  Also citrus trees need
to have the dead and unhealthy branches pruned off at this time.

Still ensure your lawn turf gets apprx. 1/2" - 3/4" of water a week in
one watering, not 2 (1/4") waterings.  It has been a warm winter with
little rain so irrigation is important to a healthy lawn and landscape.

As always, I am taking the steps needed on my customers lawns
to ensure the lawns enter the spring months the healthiest  they can
be.  I am mowing only when necessary, 14 days between cuttings,
and am mowing at a tall setting.  The less stress I can put the lawn
under,  the healthier your lawn will be.
Cutting back on how often you mow at this time of year will keep
your lawn its greenest for the longest time possible in the winter.
Cutting to often will cause your grass to have a lighter hazy
shade of green rather than dark green.

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